Ureka, Eclipse+PyDev Quickstart

The Eclipse interface differs slightly between operating systems (particularly OSX). If you are regular user of Eclipse, you should not have much trouble following along. Otherwise, I suggest flipping through the Eclispe documentation before diving in.

Install Eclipse


Install PyDev

  1. Click Help
  2. Select Eclipse Marketplace...
  3. Under the Search tab select Yaxos Marketplace (the orange icon)
  4. In the Find: textbox enter “pydev”, and click Go or press the [Enter] key
  5. Select “PyDev for Eclipse”
  6. Click Install
  7. Proceed through the plugin installation dialog(s).
  8. Restart Eclipse when prompted
  9. Select the PyDev perspective (upper-right-hand corner of the Eclipse interface)

PyDev Interpreter Setup

Important note: Step 7 grants you the ability to import modules installed via pip within the Ureka environment.

  1. Click Window
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Expand the PyDev settings tree
  4. Select Python Interpreter
  5. Click New...
    • Interpreter Name: Ureka
    • Interpreter Executable: /path/to/Ureka/python/bin/python2.7
  6. Click Ok
  7. With the Ureka interpreter highlighted, click New Folder
    • Location: /path/to/Ureka/variants/common/lib/python2.7/site-packages
  8. Click Ok to close the New Folder dialog box
  9. Click Ok to apply the new interpreter settings

PyDev Editor Settings (Personal Touch)

I seriously recommend enabling line trimming if you intend to share your code with others.

  1. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3
  2. Expand the Editor settings tree
  3. Expand the Code Style settings tree
  4. Select Code Formatter ( ^ = CHECKED, _ = UNCHECKED )
    • [^] Auto-format only files in the workspace?
    • [_] Use autopep8.py for code formatting?
    • [_] On save, only apply formatting in changed lines?
    • [^] Use spaces after commas?
    • [_] Use space before and after parenthesis?
    • [_] Use space before and after assign for keyword arguments?
    • [^] Use space before and after operators? (+, -, /, *, //, **, etc.)
    • [^] Right trim lines?
    • [^] Right trim multi-line string literals?
    • [^] Add new line at end of file?
    • [2 spaces] Spaces before comment?
    • [At least 1 space] Spaces in comment start?