Fermi Science Tools

Building the software distribution

  1. Unpack the source archive
    $ tar xf ScienceTools-v9r33p0-fssc-20140520-source.tar.gz

  2. Enter the ScienceTools build directory

    $ cd ScienceTools-v9r33p0-fssc-20140520/BUILD_DIR

  3. Configure ScienceTools
    Be aware: If ~/.local/lib is populated with custom Python modules, this directory must be moved out of the way or ScienceTools will fail to build.

    $ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/sciencetools

  4. Build ScienceTools
    Depending on your system’s specs this can take a very long time. Go get a cup of coffee.

    $ ./hmake 2>&1 | tee build.log

  5. Install ScienceTools

    $ ./hmake install 2>&1 | tee install.log

Now what?

Setup the environment

$ export FERMI_DIR=$HOME/sciencetools
$ source $FERMI_DIR/fermi-init.sh